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Throughout the past 15 years, my clinical experience has spanned a variety of settings including outpatient specialty centers, community mental health, crisis intervention, structured outpatient programs, and inpatient psychiatric hospitals. My work has stretched from the traditional confines of an office into the extended local community and into schools, jails, and homes. This experience provided a broad range of clinical experience with individuals and groups across the life span in the following areas: depression, anxiety, PTSD, mood disorders, ADHD, child abuse, dissociative disorders, life management, parenting issues, psychotic disorders, sexual and physical abuse, and general stress management. 

 My education includes a Bachelor's Degree in English from Villanova University, a Certificate in Elementary Education from Florida Atlantic University, and a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University. Currently, I am enrolled in a doctoral degree program at Liberty University pursuing a specialty in Community Care and Counseling with an intensive track in Traumatology. I am a strong advocate for both formal and informal learning experiences and believe in making a lifelong commitment to education.

Although there are a large variety of therapeutic approaches available it is important to explore those options on a individual basis and ensure the best fit. Establishing the right formula for each person is key to successful and meaningful outcomes in the future. My background is rooted in traditional therapy theories including primarily a psychodynamic or talk therapy approach which focuses on changing problematic behaviors, feelings, and thoughts by discovering their unconscious meanings and motivations. However, I have also found great success with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which emphasizes ways to modify and change dysfunctional thinking in order to improve feelings and behaviors. Most importantly, I have learned not to mold myself into one single approach and instead blend elements from different approaches to help tailor treatment to each client's needs. 

 Remember, nothing is impossible. Throughout the twists and turns of life it is important to remind yourself that no matter what today looks like - tomorrow holds the promise of hope. I look forward to embracing the journey with you!

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